What are the Benefits of a Manual Coffee Grinder

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Benefits of a Manual Coffee Grinder

Does it matter how your coffee is prepared? Will a manual coffee grinder produce a better tasting treat than an electric coffee grinder? Does it even matter?

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The coffee lover in each of us are always on the hunt for hacks to upgrade our coffee-making skills and so it is not surprising that many goes through the dilemma in choosing between going for that adorable manual coffee grinder or investing in a decent electric coffee grinder. And while many already own an electric grinder at home, there’s some invisible magnetic force drawing us towards finally taking that manual grinder off the store shelf and taking it home.

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Following the Ethiopian legend of Kaldi the Goatherd said to have discovered coffee and how it started to be used for different purposes until it became a beverage etched finely within the Ethiopian social, religious and cultural history; it is not surprising to trace coffee grinder history in that part of the world. It first came in the form of mortar and pestle around 800 AD. And while it went through different transformations, it is the Turks that created the most sophisticated coffee grinders known throughout history until today. Turkish and Persian design elements carved around the grinders made it so appealing that it became a global novelty up to this day.

Centuries passed and coffee grinders took on different forms, much of whom took inspiration from the Greek’s mills introduced thousands of years before the known history of coffee. As coffee became globally popular, more versions of coffee grinders came into being and has influenced various cultures’ palates around the world. Today, coffee grinder is a basic equipment found in homes as we have grown into a culture where coffee is an integral part.

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Coffee is the most sought commodity in the world after crude oil. It is so in demand that coffee is estimated to be worth more than $100 billion dollars worldwide. Hence, it is not surprising to see an overwhelming choice of coffee equipment and accessory in the market, including coffee grinders.

Big and small, electrical and manual, simple and complex mechanisms—you can find any type and look of coffee grinder you have in mind.

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Many coffee lovers have their own manual coffee grinders that they feel a special connection to, and seems to create an inexplicable aroma and blend that make them feel their coffee is more delicious. It could be a psychological thing, but it makes the coffee experience better.

On the other hand, there are actual advantages of owning a manual coffee grinder, aside from or instead of using an electrical one.

Less Expensive.

As anyone would expect, manual grinders cost less than

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than $500 or more.

It Doesn’t Heat Up Beans.

In the grinding process, many meticulous baristas and coffee lovers prefer using manual grinders because they are able to maintain temperature of the beans inside. Electrical grinders grind at high speeds and the friction between the beans produces heat, which can affect the coffees grinding temperature. The difference that it creates, however, is so insignificant that even the best baristas will find it difficult to detect.

Less Noise.

Early morning grinding while everybody is asleep is not a nuisance. You can grind to your heart’s content. This is ideal for people who share place with others.

Occupies a Small Space.

Manual grinders are usually small and compact so you can easily find a space for it on your kitchen. People who have very limited kitchen spaces love it a lot. It also fits in easily into a bag when you want to bring it with you outdoors.

Mobility and Freedom.

Perhaps, the most significant advantage of manual grinder is that you can bring it anywhere with you. Pack it inside a bag when going camping and still enjoy a good cup of coffee away from coffee shops and electrical outlets.

Now, it all boils down to properly choosing your manual grinder, which is an entirely different topic altogether. For now, if you don’t have your own manual grinder yet, it might be a good time to consider buying one.

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