Bialetti vs Sisitano

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Bialetti vs Sisitano


Coffee and Us

How do you want your coffee – black or with cream? Do you put sugar or just wanted it straight up? We all have our preferences, the clothes we wear, and the food we eat and even how we want our coffee.

Different people have their way of drinking coffee. I cannot imagine myself in the morning without my wake-up call, my dose of caffeine, my full and robust blend coffee. Coffee is my daily kick-starter. I usually have my coffee with toast or just a simple bread with butter.

Other people prefer having their coffee after eating a sumptuous lunch, and others have their afternoon breaks with coffee and cookie. There are even some folks who take their caffeine dose at night – trying to stay awake while finish an important report or just simple to relieve that unwanted stress.

We drink coffee for a lot of reasons. Coffee greets our day and keeps us energized as we go to work or school. We spend our much-needed tête-à-tête with a warm cup of coffee. I cannot imagine a great conversation with an old friend without sipping my favorite Café Americano.

I even see a lot of university students who spend countless hours in a coffee shop while reviewing for their exams. Flipping each page of their book while stirring and sipping their blend. Coffee keeps them awake so they can concentrate better while studying.

There are indeed so many reasons why coffee became a trendy beverage. We cannot hide the fact that the popularity of coffee even reached as far as baristas creating different types of coffee-based drinks. In the past, people like it black and strong. Some coffee enthusiasts like it with milk, extra sweet or sometimes they drink it some sweets and pastries.

Even on a hot summer day, we still cannot control that caffeine craving. Also, Mr. Sun will not stop us from getting our daily caffeine fix.

On the days where we get to experience that extra summer heat, we find ingenious ways to get that much-needed cup of coffee. We prepare the coffee grounds, brew it and bring out the ice; and mix-up an iced coffee. If we want to go the extra mile, we bring out the blender and prepare a coffee smoothie or a coffee-based blended drink.

Bakers, restaurateurs and food entrepreneurs even use coffee in some of their dishes. Nowadays we do not just drink coffee, and we also eat it! There are coffee based cakes, pastries and even meat sauces that use coffee as the main base. It is how creative we are and on how dynamic coffee is. It only shows that a significant percentage of the world’s population enjoy this beverage.

The Coffee Culture

The rise in the popularity of coffee began many centuries ago. According to history, this favorite drink originated in Ethiopia. After it was discovered, it moved quickly to the Arabian Peninsula. Then went to Europe and later it invaded the whole world.

There is also some unique culture behind drinking coffee. How we prepare coffee, to the time of day we drink it, how fast and slow we consume it and even on those particular days where coffee becomes the star of the conversation – there is a story behind every sip. We have connected coffee with our lives, and even on how it evolved.

Some countries made this as their national drink. There are some countries which have considered this as their primary product, and there are some countries that made this as a social status. Every cup and every sip has its story to tell.

Coffee Maker, Make Me A Cup

There are so many ways and methods of preparing and consuming this famous drink, and many different ceremonies and customs that you can interestingly observe.

Another critical aspect that we need to understand is how each drink is prepared and on what equipment we need to use.

So, the easiest way of brewing a cup of coffee is using the ever-reliable coffeemaker. Prepare the ground coffee, place the filter, pour the water and plug it in; and let it brew!

The Rise of Bialetti

There are different types of equipment when brewing coffee. Bialetti patented one of the most famous models.

Hence, the products of Bialetti comes with a vibrant culture. Let us take the iconic Moka Pot. Every kitchen in Italy has this coffee brewing equipment. A lot of people would say that every time they use it, it brings them back to memory lane.

Bialetti became a household name in the field of coffee equipment way back 1933. The Bialetti Company started in the metal-working industry focusing on aluminum. After this period, Bialetti completed the design for the aluminum Moka Express in 1933.

Moreover, the famous stovetop coffee maker or percolator is still on the market at this time. There are great reviews on this pot.

The Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker is promoted as an espresso maker, but just like the usual coffee press, it is not an espresso machine. Although it is not an espresso machine, you would still get the rich, full-bodied cup of coffee through a straightforward brew process.

But, the only problem with Bialetti Stovetop Maker is that it poses some health and safety risks as it uses aluminum as its base frame.

The Development of Sisitano Brand

Hence, another brand that is getting its popularity is Sisitano. Although Sisitano is a relatively new brand, it still has a lot to offer. They bring a vision of innovation and high-end artistry.

Moreover, they are revolutionizing the coffee-brew industry. One good thing to note about Sisitano is that the people behind it are not just merely entrepreneurs, but they are coffee enthusiasts or coffee sommeliers (to give them more due credit). So, this means that every coffee maker they design and develop includes their love and interest with coffee.

Finally, they do not just create something beautiful, but something useful that encompasses their love for their craft. This is Sisitano, a brand of innovation and artistry.

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