Caffeinated vs. Decaffeinated: An Analysis

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 Caffeinated vs Decaffeinated

Coffee has been part of the daily lives of most people, especially adults all throughout the years. What is good for the advancement of food technology is the rise of expanded choices of coffee including its types, flavors, toppings, and many more. For several decades, there has been an option between caffeinated versus decaffeinated beverages.

Benefits Caffeine Can Provide

Coffee has been the partner of people during long conversations, accomplishing late-night tasks, for those who are in need to keep themselves awake, etc. For several years, I have been a coffee lover, wanting to try every possible caffeinated flavor I could try. But caffeinated coffee is not only good for its taste, but there are also several other benefits it could provide.

Caffeine can stimulate a person’s nervous system. It can help a person become more alert, awake and increase concentration during a situation. When I was still a student, I was able to lengthen my time in studying with the help of caffeinated beverage. Up until now that I have found a job, caffeine has never let me down when I perform my tasks.

Researchers have found that drinking moderate coffee can help burn calories, provide antioxidants, lower fatigue, enhance physical and mental performance. An adequate amount of caffeine can bring a relaxing feeling to the muscles from head to toe resulting in higher chances of feeling rested. I have always found drinking caffeinated beverages relaxing for my mind and body whether served cold or hot and at any time of the day.

Downside of Caffeine

Alongside with the benefits that caffeinated coffee can bring are the possible drawbacks. Everything that is taken too much can cause increased risks. For all the years than I have been fond of caffeinated coffee, it was only a few occasions that I have experienced adverse effects, mostly difficulty falling asleep. Caffeine, in a significant amount, has been found to affect sleep patterns by decreasing total sleep period and possibly decrease sleep quality.

Caffeine has also been found to increase the risk of acquiring high blood pressure, palpitations and nervousness if taken excessively. This can also cause increased urination and changes in gastric production.

Drawbacks of caffeine only usually take place during consumption of excessive amount. The question now is how much caffeine is safe? Studies have found that 300 mg of caffeine or equivalent to 3 cups of coffee daily is safe for most adults. This is indeed enough for the whole 24 hours. For half a decade, I am consuming 2-3 cups of coffee a day, and I believe it is well satisfying.

Process of Decaffeination

A few years back when I visited a coffee shop, I have read in the menu under the category drinks, that they also offer decaffeinated coffee. The International Coffee Organization explains the process of decaffeination. In decaffeination, coffee beans are steamed, then caffeine is extracted, following it is the washing off of coffee beans and then these are dried to eradicate excess moisture. The last step is roasting the coffee beans. Decaffeinated coffee is not entirely free of caffeine, but it contains a very minimal amount of it.

Decaffeinated coffee beans may have taste and smell that are a little milder. The color can also change but may vary depending on the method utilized. Indeed, decaffeinated coffee had 97% of caffeine remove. It contains to only up to 3 mg of coffee per cup.

I discovered drinking decaffeinated coffee, several years ago. My choices of coffee have expanded. Drinking coffee has been a lot more enjoyable especially if served with different flavors, hot or cold, with toppings at the top, etc.

Benefits Decaffeination Can Bring

Drinking decaffeinated coffee or decaf for short has also been found to bring many health benefits. First, it has been found to reduce the risk of elevated blood sugar although it may vary depending on the case. Second, it can also serve as an antioxidant although in lesser as compared to regular coffee. Third, a decaffeinated coffee drinker can still experience the stimulation brought about by regular coffee while experiencing decreased risks of excessive intake of caffeine.

So, who should choose decaf over a regular coffee? For those who are more sensitive to the effects of the regular coffee, then decaf might be the best possible option to continue drinking coffee. Decaf is also best for those with caffeine-restricted medical conditions such as those with high blood pressure, heartburn problems, stomach ulcers, long-term headaches, etc. This type of coffee is also best for pregnant mothers, and individuals who are experiencing anxiety and difficulty falling asleep.

Which is the Better Choice?

Between Caffeinated or Decaffeinated? Everything will still depend on the personal preference of an individual. I have two different feelings when I first tasted decaffeinated and the regular coffee. They have brought me both satisfaction and the stimulation I need. Drinking in moderation is still the best solution to continue drinking without too many limitations.

Both regular coffee and decaf have brought benefits. The downside of decaf is that there could be that less feeling of stimulation, excitement, and effect than a regular coffee can bring. A person must also consider the health condition that he/she has because every individual might have different responses.

In every coffee intake being consumed, it is best to be knowledgeable of its content. It has been a habit of mine always to check the label in the packaging, looking for caffeine, sugar content and the calories. It is still wiser to know more about the things you put into your body.


Whatever choice of coffee one prefers, it both brings positive and negative effects. It is best to be a responsible coffee drinker to have more satisfying consumption. To achieve this is by having a limitation or drinking adequate caffeine daily. Moreover, taking a periodic break at some point from these beverages. Moreover, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also help achieve an optimum quality of life.


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