Coffee After Surgery: Heal Faster with One Cup A Day

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Coffee after surgery

Nobody likes to undergo surgery. It just seems counter-intuitive for anyone that they would need themselves cut up so that something inside them can be fixed. That being said when surgery does come it takes time to recover so. I propose that Coffee and Surgery mix. I know that sounds strange but hear me out.

Post-op Patients Are Groggy

Okay, keep in mind that Coffee after Surgery is not recommended immediately. Plus is probably isn’t logical. Most surgery requires some form of painkillers, and some even need morphine or stronger drugs to put the patient to sleep. Once the patient is awake, and the doctor clears it Coffee can be administered as a stimulant to counter-act any lingering effects of the medicines the patient took. Before you do this make sure to confirm with the doctor before you go ahead and do this. After all, some surgeries might leave the patient vulnerable to an increase in Caffeine

Physical Activity Aids in Recovery

Tell me if this sounds familiar, people who got operated on the go through a long period of physical inactivity. Unfortunately, this is actually something that slows down recovery. One of the odd quirks of being human is that physical activity aids in healing. Every heard of a Horse sweating out a fever? That works for humans too! Coffee and Surgery apparently go hand in hand in healing. The surgery will fix the problem that your body is suffering from. But in order to recover the body is aided by having some coffee by encouraging physical activity. Coffee thirty minutes before physical activity will actually help burn more calories. Not only will it aid in improving your general fitness level but it can also assist in recovery. The science behind this is because the human body spends a period of time in recovery or trying to heal. When the person works out the hormones that aid in healing and recovery are triggered. As a result, the part of the body that recently underwent surgery will also recover faster.

Stimulants Aren’t Just for Physical Alertness

It seems counter-intuitive, but yes stimulants are a good thing for someone post-op. Hence, I talked about Coffee after Surgery as a means to stimulate the body to move around after it has undergone surgery. Therefore, this is a good thing since the organization needs to heal from the surgery. Most noteworthy, I’ll tell you the benefit of the stimulant in aiding mental recovery. One of those weird things that come with surgery is a kind of post-op depression as if the person feels like he or she was mutilated. So, this is a strange aspect of the human psyche, but it happens. Moreover, in the same sense that a mother has post-partum depression after giving birth. A post-op person gets depressed after surgery. For some reason, they think they are deformed or less after surgery.  


So, this is where the stimulants come in. When people are depressed, they want to curl up in bed and try to sleep. Therefore, this is a bad thing for someone who is depressed. In fact, the best thing for them is to be alert and active to expose themselves to new stimuli while they are awake,  idling will end up triggering their depression even more. If a person is awake and alert, he or she will have more chances to get exposed to new things and possibly take their mind away from the sadness they might feel post-op. As an added bonus stimulants generally uplift the mood of a person so if for that reason alone they should gulp down a latte or two.

Regular Small Doses to Fight Tolerance

When I say tolerance, I don’t mean an understanding of other people and ideas okay. I mean tolerance to Coffee. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. In the case of Coffee, too much Coffee can result in the body tolerating the stimulating effect and lessening its effectiveness. You do know why addicts need more of more of their drug to get their fix right? It is because of the fact that their body is starting to tolerate the medication. This is a bad thing for them. This is a bad thing for Coffee drinkers. If they drink too much Coffee it will stop having the same stimulating effect. Even worse, the patient might have a low tolerance for Coffee, and they might start getting palpitations if they drink too much. Of course, we want them to get stimulated. But too much stimulation might result in them actually hurting themselves so watch out. A cup of Coffee a day will yield the best results.

Quick Recap of the Benefits of Coffee

Just a quick recap of the health benefits of Coffee After Surgery:

  1. Post-Op Patients are Groggy
  2. Physical Activity Aids in Recovery
  3. Stimulants Aren’t Just for Physical Alertness

But be careful because overuse can lead to tolerance. Again I have to be careful to caution you that there is a caveat here. Coffee is not a placebo. And we need to be cautious by asking their doctor first before we administer Coffee therapy. Finally the last thing we would want to happen is for the Coffee to actually make the patient worse off by making them drink Coffee. Of course, this is not the general rule. Unless the patient is actually dealing with some condition related to the heart, kidneys or another organ that might be needed for processing the Coffee in a safe way.


In conclusion, Coffee can be useful for you if you are recovering from an operation. I have outlined for you all the potential benefits for you that you will need if you want to heal faster. Remember, before you try to treat yourself to some good old fashioned coffee while you are recovering consult your doctor first. The doctor will know if this is definitely good for you or if you might need to wait a while before trying to get things going with some Coffee.  

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