Coffee And Weight Loss: Increase Your Metabolism In Every Sip

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Coffee And Weight Loss : Introduction

If you are like most people, there is nothing like the smell of coffee to perk you up. A few sips are just divine, especially in the morning.  However, you may want to pause enjoying that cup of coffee as you read these next lines.

Aside from getting that much-needed morning boost, there is more good news for you and all coffee-lovers. Did you know that coffee intake helps in weight loss and increase metabolism? Yes, you could enjoy your coffee more minus the guilt. This mug of a hot beverage is teeming with benefits for you and your body.


Coffee And Weight Loss: How Does It Work?


According to Sarah Flowers, a nutritionist, coffee increases thermogenesis or the process of producing heat in a human body. The heat boosts your metabolic rate AND burns more fats. Thus, coffee and weight loss become a plausible combination.

Also, because of the heat produced in your body, your appetite is stifled. Because of the generated energy, there is a temporary need for less food. However, coffee should not be treated as a meal replacement or as an energy drink booster, either.

Furthermore, this hot beverage also contains chlorogenic acid. This component can slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and break down fats. No wonder that a cup of coffee could help you slim down.

However, there are some precautions. If you are thinking of ordering those sugary frappucinos with losing weight in mind, you have to reassess your drink preference. Weight loss is associated only to black coffee-and, not to the sweet variants of this beverage.  

It does not mean that you have to endure the bitter taste to achieve this sweet effect of coffee. Adding cinnamon to your cup of black coffee could do the trick. This spice also has some properties that would help you burn fats faster. Coffee and cinnamon is indeed a power duo in weight loss.

Also, you have to regulate your coffee intake. Drinking barrels of coffee would not guarantee that you would have a slimmer body. On the contrary, our bodies have a way of tolerating the effects of caffeine. If you drink it in large quantities, it will soon be ineffective. Thus, a cup or two every day is the advised quantity.


Coffee And Metabolism: Burning Calories At Rest


Healthline states that “caffeine increases your resting metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn at rest) by three to 11 percent.” Talk about the power of a cup of java! Caffeine also can accelerate the functions of the central nervous system. This effect is the reason behind being alert and energetic after a caffeine boost.

Coffee and metabolism is a famous pair among athletes or athletic types of people. Coffee aids in increasing energy levels while exercising. Caffeine helps people to endure work longer, thus translates to more calories burned. Enjoying a cup of java after a workout increases muscle glycogen and helps to reload energy stores that people spent during exercise.  It is not just about draining a cup of coffee, but also the optimum time to take one.


The Abundance Of Other Thermogenic Foods


Gurgling a cup of coffee or two surely is loaded with health benefits. However, some foods might help in burning those fats and your metabolism high. Weight loss is not about depriving ourselves of food or starving ourselves. Instead, it is about eating the right kinds of foods to help us regulate our weight. Check out the list below.

  • High-Protein Foods: Lean meat, poultry, and fish are the most famous examples of high protein foods. Beans and cheese are also popular alternatives. The thermic effect in protein is high at 30 percent.
  • Jalapeños: A spicy food that is great in boosting metabolism. Also, it could also speed up the heart rate and reduce cholesterol because of its capsaicin content.
  • Eggs: A product rich in protein, it also contains the vitamin B12. This vitamin aids in breaking down fat.
  • Oatmeal: A grain that is high in protein and rich in dietary fiber. The latter regulates blood sugar and helps in nutrient absorption and digestion.
  • Ginger: The spicy content of this spice stimulates metabolism. It can also promote good circulation and expand blood vessels.
  • Green Tea: Another beverage rich in caffeine. It helps increase heart rate and metabolism.
  • Garlic: Another spice that has excellent fat-burning properties. Garlic also keeps in check insulin production.
  • Water: A simple everyday drink that some people neglect or take for granted. According to research, water itself increases metabolic rates.  Aside from its numerous benefits, this advantage is just another reason to drink water.


Non-food Ideas To Boost Metabolism


There are everyday activities that we sometimes take for granted that are good for our metabolism. Here is a couple of them.

  • Fidgeting should not be annoying: Do you sometimes find yourself shifting around in your seat or bouncing your leg? Then, receive annoyed looks or grunts from people nearby? You can explain to them that you are doing non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). These seemingly annoying gestures can help you burn around 350 calories a day. So, come on, run up that flight of stairs or pace a little.
  • Laughter is still a good medicine: Are you feeling overwhelmed with work or with some worrisome thoughts? Taking a laughter break could help. Aside from making you feel good, 10 to 15 minutes of laughter translates to around 10 to 40 calories burned. Such a simple yet worthwhile time to spend your time.
  • Regulate your sleeping pattern: Sleep deprivation alters one’s sugar levels and hunger, as well. These effects tell why having a good night sleep would help to manage your metabolic processes. A solid eight hours of sleep would ensure that your system is doing well.


Keep It Brewing


Always put to mind that while coffee helps in weight loss and increased metabolism, too much of anything would be detrimental to your health. It is advised to keep that coffee pot brewing, but find more ways to keep your weight in check and your metabolism on a high note.


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