Coffee Cities: Top 10 for Every Coffee Lover to Visit

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Top 10 for Every Coffee Lover to Visit

If you’re reading this article, there’s 99% chance that you ¬are a coffee lover. The quest for finding the best coffee shops in the nearest area is an ongoing feat. And stepping on an entirely new place won’t cease your appetite in searching the freshest quality brewed coffee the city has to offer.

It’s a mission, as a coffee lover, to search for the local’s top quality coffee brews wherever you go. However, if you came across a coffee city, you’re in for a roller coaster ride of flavors.

So buckle up, dear coffee lovers because we’ll take you to top 10 coffee cities you should definitely stop by!

  1. Rome, Italy

Italy isn’t just all about historical artifact and art. But you might get surprised if we tell you it’s where the coffee culture was invented too! The first coffee house opened doors in Italy. And their love for quality food doesn’t miss coffee in their list. Because of this, it is rare to find a bland cup of joe in the city.

It’s a coffee city since Rome is lined with café’s that would be heaven in a coffee lover’s eyes. If you love black or a mildly sweetened coffee with no extras on your brew, Rome might be the perfect coffee city for you!

  1. Seattle, WA, USA

You shouldn’t miss the birthplace of the green mermaid when it comes to coffee tripping! Seattle, the place where coffee overflows in every corner of the city. There’s a vast variety of coffee shops that the famous green mermaid is only a small bit of its coffee culture.

Due to competition, it’s impossible for you to land on a low quality beverage, so fret not! Your visit isn’t a waste of time to the home of coffee in the USA.

  1. Portland, OR, USA

Another city in the USA that’s pouring with coffee shops in the vicinity, except it gives you a homey vibe with their interiors. If Seattle is home to industrial-chic themed coffee shops, then Portland is its exact opposite. Portland houses hippie-est, artsy but cozy shops that are going to light up your Instagram feed with their quirky decors.

If you enjoy drinking your freshly brewed drink with a homey feeling, Portland has places for you!

  1. Havana, Cuba

Despite the harsh criticism that’s being thrown into the country, Cuba offers a special place for coffee lovers. Their drinks could send you in a sharp turn of strong caffeine exploding in your taste buds but often leaves a sweet bit in your palate.

Espresso is an integral part of their drink so expect their famous local beverages mixed in it. Like their Cafe Cubano, an espresso shot brewed with sugar, or Cortadito, a shot with milk. It might be an awful taste for beginners, but locals would say it won’t be long before it becomes your preference!

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

The biggest shocker in the list would be Reykjavic from Iceland. Did you know that long ago, the locals only cared about their food? The quality of their coffee could slip away from criticism as long as their cake was excellent. But recently, Icelanders have become coffee crazy.

The absence of famous coffee chains led to independent café’s popping out in the city. It’s now a ground for fierce competition on who’s got the best coffee in town! Hence, it’s rare to sip a poorly made beverage.

  1. Vienna, Austria

Coffee shops that are listed by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage in 2011? That’s Vienna City for you! Their cafes’ interiors make it perfect in a social or people-watching atmosphere. They are designed to look like public living rooms with a lavish touch. It will leave you in awe as you sip your drink in comfort and chat with friends.

Viennese enjoy cappuccinos and espresso shots! However, the local Wiener Melange is a drink you should cross off your coffee bucket list!

  1. Addis Abada, Ethiopia

In Ethiopian culture, coffee is an integral part of it. It’s so vital that you could get invited to a coffee ceremony! As one of the world’s top coffee bean producers in the present, and the birthplace of coffee, it won’t be miss in our list of coffee cities.

Their coffee ceremony gives you the experience of roasting and grinding beans. A clay pot is used for brewing and then served to you and your hosts. It’s quite an experience for any coffee lovers out there like yourself! You get to be hands-on in preparing your own hot beverage.

  1. Melbourne, Australia

For a city that hosts a yearly coffee expo, and a publication dedicated to coffee called ‘Melbourne Coffee Review,’ Melbourne deserves a slot in a coffee lover’s bucket list! The city has divisions housing coffee shops with their own specific coffee culture. It’s a city made for coffee enthusiasts.

The ones who love a dash of milk in their drinks should fly here since locals most recommend it.

  1. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei doesn’t limit itself to travelers who enjoy street food escapades in the city, but to coffee lovers as well. The Taiwanese have the hots for brewed coffee using fresh, and high quality roasted coffee beans brewed slowly to get a rich flavor. It will surely captivate your appetite.

Taiwanese prefer brewed coffee over espresso. But worry not, if you want an espresso shot in your drink, it’s widely available in commercial coffee shops! Their prices for coffee might be a little, but it’s an experience worth paying.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

If you’re the type who loves their coffee black and with a strong punch of caffeine, then Turkish coffee might be for you. Finely ground coffee beans give it the rich and dark flavor that delivers a blow to your senses once sipped. Their unique method of coffee creation is shared around the web and seeing it right before your eyes grants you a whole new experience.

As a coffee lover and a traveler, these should be part of your trips when you’re near a coffee city. Each of them has their own unique coffee culture that is worth the visit. Their specialty, tastes, and methods won’t be found on your local coffee shops so never miss out on these once in a lifetime experience. It’s a milestone on a coffee lover’s journey!




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