9 Ways a Cup of Coffee Health Benefits

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Coffee Health Benefits

In the recent years, many researchers and scientists have debunked the idea that coffee is hazardous for anyone’s health. Thanks to science, coffee lovers can rejoice because coffee is in fact, good for everyone. Step aside apples, because coffee is the new bad boy in town. Here are some coffee health benefits you can expect.

A Cup of Coffee a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

As much as possible, everyone avoids doctors like the plague. It just seem so scary, going to the hospital and never really knowing what is wrong with you. Some people subscribe to the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”; while some have subscribed to the saying “A cup of coffee a day keeps the doctor away.”

We are not medical professionals, but studies have shown that coffee is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants carry and are responsible for many health benefits. In fact, in some occasions, coffee content plays an important role in some health conditions. Besides being rich in antioxidants, here are some practical applications you can get from a healthy coffee drink.

Prevention Against Common Diseases

Stroke is not necessarily a disease, yet many people suffer from this every year. Stoke is the second leading cause of death, and everyone strives to know how to prevent it. The scariest part for anyone when they think of stroke is no one knows when it will happen. Thankfully, we can always prevent stroke from happening, and a cup of coffee can help reduce the likelihood of anyone suffering a stroke.

Similar to Stroke, Diabetes is not necessarily a disease, but a condition, which anyone can prevent or regulate. As much as we would like to avoid it, it often just happen, whether it is hereditary or it occurred on its own. People who increased their coffee consumption by more than a cup a day lowered their risk of type 2 diabetes, compared to those who do not intake any coffee at all.

Coffee can also prevent and reduce the likelihood of anyone suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease usually run in the family and the chances of evading it may be slim. Thankfully, researchers discovered that those who drank coffee were less likely to develop the disease. Their research revealed a lower occurrence of Parkinson’s disease for members who have a higher coffee and caffeine intake.

Another disease, which anyone can prevent but never foresee, is heart disease. If you are afraid of contracting any heart disease, you might want to start drinking at least 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day, to decrease the likelihood of your arteries clogging up. Heart diseases usually begin with your heart’s arteries clogging up, and you can prevent this from happening through drinking coffee.

While coffee is good at preventing and minimizing the risks of being afflicted with the above-mentioned conditions, nothing still beats a good check-up with your doctor. After all, the conditions above are pretty serious for you to ignore.

Prevention Against Cancer Related Illnesses

Everyone knows what Cancer is, as well as the fate everyone has to suffer if not treated and prevented earlier. The world alone sounds scary because of the uncertainty and unfamiliarity of it. While cancer is not necessarily a one-way road, it is still best to prevent it at all costs. Luckily, coffee is a free and simple prevention method for anyone afraid of getting cancer.


Research shows that breast, throat and mouth cancer among others, can be prevented from drinking coffee. Women who drank unfiltered coffee is less likely to be at risk of breast cancer, compared to those who consume less or filtered coffee. Unfiltered coffee contains more coffee specific fatty acids than normal coffee, and researchers have found that these fatty acids slows the growth of cancer cells.

Combat Against Stress

Stress, we also avoid this like the plague. Funnily enough, despite our efforts of avoiding it, we cannot get rid of stress. However, there is nothing a good cup of coffee cannot solve, including stress! The luscious smell of coffee re-energizes anyone, and it can lift and wake up anyone’s spirit. Researchers found that the aroma of coffee helps minimize the effects of sleep deprivation in anyone’s body.

So if you have suffered an all-nighter, or if you are one of the walkers in the society who gets barely any sleep, get yourself some coffee. A good cup of coffee, no matter how small, can help anyone experience a trigger in gene activity and prevent stress related damages.

Tooth Ache

Most people thought that milk is good for our teeth because it has calcium. Nevertheless, did you know that coffee works just as well? If you regularly suffer from annoying toothaches, you may want to increase your coffee in take. If you have not joined the coffee bandwagon yet, then you might want to start now. Coffee can be effective even with simple toothaches. And yes, coffee is not exactly a toothbrush, floss, or any dental related instrument, but it works just as well.

Research shows that drinking black coffee can boost anyone’s dental health, and prevent tooth decay. However, this does not mean that coffee is a substitute to a good tooth brushing. You should always make an effort to keep your teeth clean, brush, and floss them regularly.

Coffee benefits everyone! There is nothing a good cup of healthy coffee cannot do, which is why you should acquaint yourself with the taste of coffee as early as now. Researchers and scientists have yet to find more benefits for coffee, but so far, we have discovered that it is a good measure against most common diseases and illnesses.



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