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Top Benefits of Having Coffee Breaks At Work

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Benefits of Having Coffee Breaks At Work

Working in long hours is indeed physically and mentally tiring. Whether you are working in government or private office, a hospital setting, companies or other institutions, there will always be a struggle of being part of the workforce. Having coffee breaks at work has been found to bring different benefits to both employers and employees. It does not only help improve the physical well being of the people, but it can also help strengthen individuals’ mental and social functions as well as improve the workplace productivity as a whole.  


Improves Focus and Memory Function


Studies found that adequate consumption of caffeine (around 200mg/day) improves a person’s focus and attention span. Caffeine, found to help people remember things better. 

It serves as a stimulant that works directly on the brain in specific areas that are involved in attention, planning, concentration and monitoring. Caffeine also blocks a substance in the brain that is responsible for a person’s feeling of sleepiness, so it becomes easier to stay alert.

Staying alert and focused on the whole office hours can help maintain efficiency in accomplishing tasks. When an employee is focused and attentive, it would be easier to think, decide or learn new things. Imagine working for a minimum of 8 hours, and you didn’t even have a few minutes to rest and relax, that indeed would be a struggle for your physical well-being. Indeed, a sip of a hot or blended coffee during breaks is helpful to keep the mind functioning and maintain an adequate level of alertness for the whole duty or working hours especially for those who are working on night shifts.


Reduces Stress Levels


Caffeine has been found to boost energy levels and reduce work-related stress. Researches have also linked adequate caffeine consumption with less risk for depression. Caffeine acts on a person’s brain chemistry, affecting substances that result in fighting off stress-related signs and symptoms.

Upon waking up in the morning, a person can already encounter a lot of stressors. Some of these include the heavy traffic one might encounter when going to work, some environmental factors and even the attitude of some people we meet. Increased demands at work partnered with approaching deadlines also add to these stressors.

Working continuously on a whole shift is tiring in all aspects. Having coffee breaks at work in the middle of a busy schedule can help revitalize a working individual. A cup or a glass of a coffee of choice plus the leg exercise done to be able to get the coffee can relax muscles and tendons. These shorts breaks can recharge one’s feelings and work again productively.


Promotes Positive Relationships


Coffee breaks at home promote socialization among employees. Having a harmonious relationship with the people you work with lessen the stress and help increase job satisfaction. When employees take a short break away from their desks or tasks and mingle for a while with their workmates, it is one way to relax and relieve stress. There are a lot more benefits from drinking coffee. People can learn from talking and interacting with others. With socialization, they can share problems and find solutions as well.

A short break in the middle of a busy schedule is not only a way to grab a snack or a cup of coffee, but it can also serve as an opportunity to get to know other employees. Quality conversations are keys to have positive relationships. When employees maintain good camaraderie, they can serve as pillars of support for each other. A workplace with peace and harmony is a conducive environment for a person to attend his/her duties and responsibilities.


Allows For A New Perspective


It is inevitable for an employee to experience a situation when several tasks come at once, that later on could result in less capability to think innovatively. Having coffee breaks during these periods at work can freshen the mind and mood, widens one’s mind and explore new possibilities. When one returns to perform his/her tasks again, his/her mind would not be as clouded as it was before.

Having people who are creative and innovative are advantageous for corporations or institutions. But no matter how skillful a person is, everyone has a limit wherein he/she needs to take a break and relax to start fresh again. The work environment must be able to mold employees to be more efficient to perform their tasks. Coffee breaks may seem simple, but it can help improve employee productivity as well as the workplace in general.


What Makes A Quality Coffee Break?


The question now is what makes a quality coffee break at work? Employees must be provided with short breaks that are away from telephone calls and quick errands. These short periods should be spent to pause, relax, think and relieve possible stress. A study found that it is highly recommended to have short but repeated breaks throughout the day, although this may vary depending on the total working hours a person must work per day.

During a short coffee break in the middle of a busy schedule, an employee can choose a coffee of his/her choice, depending on his/her mood. One can also add snacks as a complement to make the break more refreshing. It is also recommended to stand-up from the current position, exercise the legs, and have stimulating conversations with workmates.

Different employers can issue different break time for their employees. As long as durations of break time are agreed between both parties and as long as it can foster growth and prevent employee burden, then these breaks are highly advisable.




Having coffee breaks at work bring many benefits not only for employees but the whole company or institution as well. Preventing burden among the human resources is very important to improve workplace productivity and efficiency. A cup of coffee, whatever flavor or temperature it is served, can be one’s partner to refresh and relax in a middle of a busy schedule at work.



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  1. I like how you mention how coffee breaks can help with employee’s physical and mental well being, improving productivity.

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