Why Cold Brew is a Game Changer in the Coffee Industry

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Cold Brew is a Game Changer in the Coffee Industry

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The summer season is approaching, and it is getting here fast. We will start to feel the humid days, when drinking a cup of hot coffee is not the best option. Indeed, it’s the start of the iced coffee season as the new game changer in the coffee industry brews.

Coffee sellers are updating their menu because of this weather transition. They believe that it is not business-wise to sell more of the hot drinks. Since coffee is a great morning kickstarter, cold brew is now readily available to most coffee shops in town.

Cold Brews as the New Addiction Coffee Lovers

Coffee shops usually cools down as the hot season begins. Iced coffee becomes the latest craze and mainstream staple in the society.  

Making cold brew coffee demands more beans compared to an ordinary iced coffee, thus, increasing the demand for coffee beans in the US. This increase in demand has created a partial offset on the effect of single-serve pods provided by Keurig Green Mountain.

One of the country’s biggest coffee chains has replaced their traditional iced coffee with cold brew. It was reported that sales tremendously increased after making cold brew available to the public. It surpassed the sales of hot coffee by almost 70%.

Coffee drinkers noted that cold brew is smoother and more refreshing compared to iced coffee bitter after taste.

How Cold Brew is Made?

You might be wondering how cold brew is made? It is made by steeping fresh ground coffee beans into iced cold water within 12 hours up to 24 hours. On the other hand, iced coffee is prepared by cooling method.

The flavor and strength are created by the cold temperature and lack of movement making cold brew possess a strong flavor and aroma. Coffee sellers can double the dose of the coffee. Indeed, cold brew is a game changer when it comes to intense flavor and effect.

The cost of raw materials in making cold brew is significantly higher compared to iced coffee. This is the reason why most coffee shops sell their cold brew with a higher charge. Still, they are able to capture the summer coffee drinkers.

Increase in Demand of Cold Brew

With the help of Starbucks’ entrance, cold brew became a game changer in the coffee industry. It has made cold brew as the mainstream in every talks about coffee. The best part about this is that the overwhelming demand for cold can support the overall coffee demand in the country.

The hot season has made the demand dramatically increase, though there are still coffee drinkers who prefer to sip a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Cold brew has been the number one best seller in the entire town, making coffee sellers gain twice or thrice their ROI.

Health Benefits of Cold Brew

Yes, cold brew is a game changer, and there is more than its taste for it to be called a game changer in the industry. Cold brew is good if taken in moderation. It’s a wide-known fact that there are a lot of good benefits in drinking a couple of cups of coffee in a day like boosting athletic performance, improving the blood sugar level, reducing heart diseases, and other myriad of health benefits.

Control of Gastric Secretions

Commonly, if a person experiences pain in the stomach right after drinking coffee, the blame is always directed to the acid content if the coffee. It can be a factor, but it’s not the main cause after all.

N-methylpyridinium is the main substance that helps prevent stomach pain after sipping a cup of coffee. This substance naturally forms in the process of roasting coffee. The good news is that, it can provide numerous of health benefits. One of its known benefit is the reduction of gastric secretion in the stomach.

Dark-roasted coffee contains much NMP compared to mild and normal roast. Cold brew is event recommended for sensitive stomachs since it doesn’t cause stomach pain after consumption. Light roast cold brew is recommended if you are after the health benefits. It is known to preserve the phytochemicals in the coffee that are needed to combat many degenerative diseases.

Less Acid

Cold brew comprises roughly 67% less acid compared to other types of brewing methods. Common beliefs make people think that the total acid of coffee affects the GERD. The truth is, cold brew acidity is very low, that it can’t cause any stomach or digestive issues at all.

Although this has been deemed to be true with several studies, individuals should still observe proper and moderate coffee consumption to be on the safe side of acid-related problems. This fact is also true for light roasts cold brew. You don’t need to search for dark roast to avoid having acidity problems. The extraction temperature process can drastically lower the acid content.

Get a Powerful Antioxidant Punch with a Cold Brew Coffee

According to the latest studies, coffee preparation matters when you want to reap important health benefits like antioxidants. Cold brew is prepared in low temperature that’s why less antioxidant is destroyed.

Coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid which is considered a powerful antioxidant. The terpenes in cold brew give its aromatic smell and taste. Heating is required to extract it from the grounds. Cold brew coffee is said to have a distinct taste and aroma which is not observed in hot brew. It’s sweeter and has earthy notes. In fact, you don’t need sugar to make it sweet.

Caffeine Content

Good news to all coffee lovers! Cold brew contains less caffeine compared to the regular drip in coffee shops. That means you can enjoy up to three cups per day. Now there’s a reason for you to drink it for a jolt, for pleasure, or relaxation. Have it any way you want!

Wrapping Up

If you are a typical person who begins your day with a cup of coffee, consider the type of coffee you would ingest. Either light roast or dark roast, make sure your stomach is compatible with the kind of preparation of your coffee to reap the benefits.

Try drinking a cold brew coffee and see how refreshing, energizing, and uplifting it would be with just a cup of it. Check out Sisitano’s wide range of selection that you will surely love at first sip.





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