7 Delicious Coffee And Donuts Pairings to Satisfy Your Cravings.

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Delicious Coffee And Donuts Pairings

Donuts and Coffee have always been my favorite combination. For some reason I always favor coffee black with no cream or sugar, health benefits perhaps? Yet here I am indulging in the guilty pleasure of a donut in the morning with my coffee. Perhaps this is why my diet is not going the way I expected.

Here are seven of my favorite Coffee and Donut pairings. I find that these can satisfy my morning coffee and donut cravings. Perhaps they can do the same for you. So take a read and enjoy my list of 7 delicious coffee and donut pairings.

Long John And Cortado combo

My list of delicious coffee and donut begins with Cortados and Long Johns. The Cortado is a straightforward with a shot of espresso and a shot of steamed milk coupled with a shot of foam. This means it is just milk enough to complement the sugary sweetness of the Long John.

This combination is best when you are looking for some sweetness at the start of your day.

Boston Cream And A Light Roast

Most people will just run off to get a cup of joe and a plain doughnut. But what if you wanted some extra sugar buzz? What if delicious coffee for you is copious amounts of sugar. Well then I have just the thing for you.

Boston Cream and a Light Roast! Boston Cream is sweet and creamy. The rich flavor is an excellent complement to the gentle flavors of the Light Roast.

Bacon Doughnut With Ethiopian Coffee.

Delicious Coffee and Donuts has got to include Bacon! Bacon is savory so it might seem a bit extraordinary for someone to think that bacon belongs with donuts. But I guess I am that extraordinary person because I believe that bacon goes with everything!

Ethiopian coffee is fruity and bright. This is why I want it paired with the bacon so that the two awesome flavors can balance each other out in your pallet.

Creme Brulee Doughnut And Latin American Coffee.

Latin American Coffee is great it is sophisticated and lovely to the tongue. This is why I selected it to be my Coffee of choice to complement the Crème Brulee. The delicious sugary sensations that you will get from the Crème Brulee will be easily balanced by the goodness of the Latin American Coffee.

As an added bonus this combination will give you a sophisticated vibe whenever you are going around with this combination.

Jelly Doughnut And A Cappuccino

A Jelly doughnut is the signature doughnut for those who want to avail of fruity goodness. Why bother with jam on toast if you are able to get the sweet baby of portable bread, a donut, stuffed with delicious jelly.

Combine this doughnut with some rich Cappuccino for a delightful combo of Delicious Coffee and Doughnut combo.

Personally, this is one of my favorites because as I child I always loved me some jelly doughnuts. It is a guilty pleasure for me because I know that I should not be eating to many doughnuts, let alone jelly doughnuts but then I just can’t help myself sometimes.

Cake Doughnut And Black Coffee

Dark Coffee is strong and wonderful. Black Coffee is my personal favorite and can feel like quite the indulgence when you consume it. When combined with Cake Doughnuts the black coffee is well complemented. The simple flavors of the Coffee and the sweetness of the cake combine for a kind of symmetry that can only be found in well made doughnuts and black coffee.

If you love dark coffee and desire the sweetness of cake go and make this your go to combo. The cake allows you to experience some new flavors and if you find that it can be a bit too much, then the black coffee can act as a palate cleanser.

Espresso And A Glazed Doughnut

If you’d rather avoid complex coffee types and want to go with a straight up espresso, then this combo is the go-to for you. There is a wonderful simplicity to espresso, and it makes for truly delicious coffee. Pair this with an espresso, and you have a simple yet effective pick me up to start your day.

The glazed doughnut will make you feel like you won’t need any sugar in your coffee while the bitterness and strength of the espresso will allow you to feel as if you aren’t being too indulgent in your donut choices.



Just to recap I talked about the following types of donut and coffee pairings.

  • Long John and Cortado combo
  • Boston Cream and a Light Roast
  • Bacon Doughnut with Ethiopian Coffee.
  • Creme Brulee Doughnut and Latin American Coffee.
  • Jelly Doughnut And A Cappuccino
  • Cake Doughnut and Black Coffee

These combinations were picked by me to satisfy any coffee and donut combination that you would like. But don’t stop there, feel free to mix and match for your own combinations. For example, my Boston Cream pick can also go very well with Black Coffee. A Glazed Doughnut can be just as sweet when paired with Latin American Coffee.



The important thing is to open yourself up to new experiences. These picks I’ve offered up are there to show you that there are many possibilities incredible possibilities that are out there if only you are willing to have them.

After all, until you read this post did you actually think that doughnuts and coffee could be paired? Perhaps you did perhaps you didn’t now you know that it can be done and of course I invite you to see what can happen with this kind of gastronomic delight. Indeed, I kind of envy you the chance to rediscover the possibilities  which can be hand.


At the end of the day, what I presented is an example of what can be done with food choices that we normally do not think to pair with one another. It may not seem obvious at first. But you can have a blast by trying something new. So go to your nearest coffee shop and try out what I have just shared with you.






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