How Can Coffee Helps Give You Glowing Skin

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Coffee Helps Give You Glowing Skin

We often hear the saying that the best way to attain a healthy and glowing skin should start from inside out.  We all love coffee, and some are even addicted to it. A morning with a cup of coffee kickstarts our day.

However, there are more reasons why coffee is inevitable in our lives. It has been long scientifically proven to be a “super drink’ when consumed in moderation. Why? Coffee contains tons of antioxidant that can prevent the onset of illness.

Another significant discovery is that this super drink is also good for the skin. Yes! You read it right. Coffee is great for the skin and promotes a healthy complexion

What is Caffeine?

You probably all know that coffee can uplift the senses. This capacity of coffee is due to its caffeine content. It is considered as a central nervous stimulant. We consume it in the forms of coffee, tea, and in energy drinks.

Caffeine has a vast amount of uses like in sports, combatting fatigue, and in aesthetics. It can be addictive, but it is considered legal around the globe. There are those who are pro caffeine, and there are those who see it in a negative light. Whatever your views are, it is undeniable that coffee is the most loved drink in the world. Are you a coffee addict? Join the team.

Abundant Antioxidant Source

We all know that the environment we live in is full of harmful substances and free radicals. Our bodies are in constant contact with free radicals. In fact, free radicals are unavoidable. They have unpaired electrons that can cause damage to our cells. You’re exposed to it everyday, especially your skin. It may cause breakouts and havoc on your skin if not given attention. The best part about it is that you can do something about it.

Coffee consumption can trigger skin cell energy preservation since it contains compounds and properties that free-radical capabilities. In result, your skin looks younger and healthier. What a cheaper way of skin beautification, right?

Other benefits include protection from premature aging and other deadly diseases that might be caused by stress and other inevitable factors. Interestingly, coffee is packed with a tremendous amount of antioxidants like polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acid.

Protection from the Harmful UV Rays of the Sun

We often take our skin for granted. We go to work and expose ourselves from the blazing heat of the sun. Do you know how harmful UVB is? It can be as severe as other life threatening diseases. It can cause skin cancer and other detrimental skin disorders.

Drinking coffee for glowing skin has been the talk of the town since before because of the beneficial effect of caffeine in protecting us from UV carcinogens. Caffeine inhibits the DNA damage so the impact of UVB will not have a significant dangerous impact on our skin. With this process, it is suggested by professionals that coffee can be a therapeutic alternative for non-melanoma skin cancer. It’s good news for those suffering from the disease, isn’t it?

Smooth and Bright Skin by DIY Coffee Scrub

Would you like to have soft and glowing skin naturally? Well, the answer is just sitting in your pantry: Coffee beans! We all love black coffee. Who knows that another way of reaping its health benefit is through a coffee scrub?

By incorporating coffee into your usual skin regimen, you’ll be surprised to know that it can cure most of your skin-related problems. It can give your skin the pampering it deserves while it calms your senses. You can get all of these benefits by just a simple application.

Caffeine has many benefits on our skin. Most cosmetic companies use coffee extract to increase the potency of their products.  Have an uneven skin tone? No problem, coffee is a natural beauty booster. It can lift off dead skin cells that are causing a dull complexion.

Most of all, it can remove wrinkles and tighten saggy skin. Thanks to its free radicals property and effective antioxidants. For this reason, caffeine has been widely used in cosmetology to develop anti-aging products partnered with retinol.

Stimulate Blood Circulation using Coffee

Your consumption of coffee has an anti-inflammatory effect on your skin. This may be used in reducing under eye swelling. How can use coffee for this reason? Coffee grounds can be mixed with olive oil to make a cleansing scrub solution. Leave it on your skin for 30 minutes to see the results. You will notice that your pores will be smaller and there will be less visible fine lines.

What’s the reason for it? Coffee grounds contain an abundant amount of Vitamin C and collagen. High caffeine content of coffee beans contributes to good blood circulation on your skin and scalp. If you want your complexion to be healthier, opt to caffeine formulated products.

Mental Health Improvement

So, if your mental health is not on its peak, it reflects on the quality and texture of your skin. Many studies say coffee can help treat depression. People who suffer grief and persistent sadness can be observed to have a poor skin condition. Their skin might either be dry and saggy.

Furthermore, many medical professionals have supported natural remedies like drinking coffee for a glowing skin as a supportive therapy for the sufferers. We tend to feel under the blue sometimes, and it’s normal.  As a way of inducing calm to your mind and spirit, you can consume a cup of coffee. In this way, your skin will be prone to oxidative stress.

Final Tips in Coffee Consumption for Skin Benefits

So, now that you know how coffee can give you glowing skin, there are just some few reminders that you need to remember before experimenting with this product. In addition, Coffee has health benefits only if you will consume it appropriately. Drinking 2 to 4 cups is healthy for the skin. Moreover, than that can have adverse effects on some individuals.

Finally, if you are going to use a coffee scrub regimen, make use of natural coffee grounds for maximized results. Try mixing it with high quality oils for a softer and smoother finish. Also, you can mix and match coffee beans to create your version of the coffee spa.

Are you a coffee addict? Join the club.


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  1. Limiting amount of coffee consumption a day definitely is healthier. This article accurately specifies all the benefits of coffee. I have been using coffee scrub, it works magic for skin.

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