Healthy Surprising Ways to Sweeten Up Your Coffee

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Aside from the focus and energy that you can benefit from coffee, it also comes with other benefits that will make you love the drink more. Coffee turns out can help in lowering your risk of liver disease, dementia, Type 2 Diabetes and even some types of cancer. Also, consuming several cups of coffee per day can help avert early death. Drinking black coffee is the healthiest way for you to take it. However, some people can’t take the bitter taste and rely on sugar to make the taste enjoyable, but, adding heaps of it to your drink is not healthy at all. Do not despair; there are healthy ways for you to relish your beverage without the help of sugar. Here are the healthy tips to sweeten up your coffee that might surprise you.

Almond Milk

Even if you are not one of the Vegan types, you can still adore the taste of almond milk which contains extra calcium and less dietary fat than cow’s milk. You can try other varieties of almond milk like honey-sweetened almond milk or vanilla helping to add more zest to your beverage than regular milk would. If you abhor the taste of almond milk, you can try other dairy-free products like peanut milk, which is the newest addition, or pea and banana milk.


Surprisingly, butter is considered to be healthy food as per health experts and wellness mavens, who are frenzied over butter coffee. It earns much skepticism since the drink comprises a whole tablespoon of butter. Regardless of the worries, advocates promise how butter will do amazing stuff not just for your drink but also with your digestion and energy levels.


If we are talking about flavors, cinnamon can give you that added spice to your coffee. Used to top decadent lattes and cups of milk, cinnamon can also do wonders for everyday coffee. It is even thought to enhance your metabolism and helps in reducing inflammation. Considered to be one of the most anti-oxidant herbs in the planet, with cinnamon you can’t go wrong. Be sure though that you are buying the correct one.

Cocoa Powder

One does not have to be an enthusiast of chocolate to use this delightful additive. By adding this unsweetened cocoa to your coffee, you’ll get to enjoy the benefit of antioxidant from your coffee and cocoa, without the help of sugar. With this kind of combination, you can enjoy a healthy delicious drink which would remind you of your childhood.

Coconut Cream

A reasonable alternative to creamer and a generous way to add sustenance and savor to your mug is the rich and creamy coconut milk. Taken from coconut, it’s full of potassium and healthy fats. With one tablespoon of this cream, you can get 50 calories of clean, natural goodness. You can buy canned coconut cream at any grocery store.


Adding creamers to your coffee isn’t that bad at all, adding creamer to your coffee, in most cases, is a healthier option than your typical sugary beverage from Starbucks or any coffee shops. Baristas at Starbucks tend to add more sugar quickly while you, on the other hand, know precisely how much you can dispense. Be careful on the creamers that you choose, for some are healthier than that of the other creamers.

Dark Chocolate

Latte lovers favor this option; dark chocolate is one of the healthiest alternatives to add flavor to your coffee. Though expensive, it is always worth it to add dark chocolates. Adding a square of this quality dark chocolate to your hot cup of coffee, and you can get to enjoy melted chocolate blending into your coffee with a rich and indulgent taste. People who have tried it with their lattes claims that aside from the creaminess, and you can get unbeatable health benefits.


Dates are bursting with natural sugars and are used often as a component in pastries and sweet snacks because of their strong essence. Before you can use this fruit as your sweetener, you must make a paste out of it. Don’t fret; you can do this by soaking the fruit in the water for an hour, then mix the dates and water on the blender. Aside from the sweetness that this fruit can offer, you’ll get the additional benefits of iron, magnesium, calcium and extra fiber.


You might’ve heard of adding this fantastic liquid to a steaming cup of tea, but have you thought of adding it on your coffee? Honey can help you from alleviating your allergies, a natural energy drink, and boost your memory. This golden liquid is also a good source of antioxidants. Honey is considered a better option than sugar.

Maple Syrup

Like honey, has several health benefits and is a suitable replacement for your refined sugar. Furthermore, Maple syrup is not just for pancakes, but many chefs are using maple syrup as their favorite ingredient to add to their dishes. Let your senses take you to a cozy log cabin in the mountains once you squeeze a little into your coffee. Start using it now for there might be a shortage with maple syrup soon!


An alternative for your sugar, Stevia can help you to sweeten up your coffee. A little sprinkle with Stevia can go a long way. This zero-calorie sweetener may have an aftertaste and may cause indigestions as per some people, so make sure that you do not overdo it.

Vanilla Extract

You can skip those vanilla laced creamers and add vanilla extract on your coffee to get that refreshing and elegant taste. Though it may not be that sweet as sugar, it can still give you an enjoyable moment to savor your coffee plus it has zero calories!

Final Say

Coffee can help us with our everyday life. Not only does it offer us that much-needed energy but also can give us the enjoyment with every cup that we drink. Using these healthy alternatives can give you extra benefits for you to enjoy the drink that you love without tarnishing the taste. Start trying any of these natural sweeteners, and you won’t regret it!





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