Level Up Your Relationship by Drinking Coffee

Level Up Your Relationship by Drinking Coffee

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Level Up Your Relationship by Drinking Coffee

Recently, a study by renowned doctors Maranges and McNulty found that sleep deprivation correlates with lower satisfaction in the 68 marital relationships surveyed. Sleep deprivation often causes inattentiveness and irritability on a person, and these effects can cause tension on the couple’s interaction. On the other hand, the couples who had sufficient hours of sleep in a week had a high satisfaction with their healthy relationship.

Due to the correlation of sleep with the satisfaction of couples, drinking coffee may be crucial to having a fulfilling and happy relationship. Here are the positive effects of coffee that will benefit you and your partner.


Replenishment of Energy


It is common sense to say that sleep is the best protection against sleep deprivation and the subsequent decrease in energy for daily activities. However, many people may find it difficult to complete the recommended 8-hour sleep duration and can only have four to five hours of sleep. If you are one of those people, an excellent way to gain energy is by drinking coffee.

The amount of coffee recommended to most people is no more than two cups per day. Compared to energy drinks with high sugar content, coffee ranks the most superior among caffeine-containing beverages in giving an energy boost.

Some studies show the beneficial effects of coffee on reducing the risk for some types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The increased energy and decreased risk of developing lifestyle diseases will improve your ability to have meaningful interactions with your significant other. Your restored energy will help solve possible conflicts between you and your partner.

Below are additional tips to get the most out of drinking coffee.


No to Sugary Drinks


These kinds of drinks include energy drinks. Sugar could increase the crash or after-effect of drinking coffee. It would also affect your insulin levels and may cause other metabolic diseases.


Drink Only with a Non-empty Stomach


You should eat before consuming coffee. On an empty stomach, coffee stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid that can damage the lining of your stomach. Food such as vegetables, whole grains, and fruits can help slow down your metabolism and reduce the effect of the caffeine crash.


Longer Duration and Interval of Drinking


Instead of drinking all your 12 ounces of coffee right away, you should consume the coffee slowly. Through this awareness, the coffee will stay in the system longer, and the effects will last.

Once you finish your first cup, wait for a while before consuming another cup despite the possible craving to drink one. You can have a proper allocation of energy boosts in this way.


Improvement of Awareness and Focus


You make decisions every day in all life’s aspect, including your relationships. Because of the impending decisions, it is crucial to have a rational and focused mind.

Sleep deprivation affects one’s self-regulatory strength or self-control. This mental strength is a requirement for a better understanding of life’s events, the everyday ups, and downs. In a relationship and times of conflicts, both of the couples need an honest and positive judgment towards each other.

Coffee reduces the drowsiness caused by sleep deprivation. In a molecular level, your cells produce adenosine when they use energy. The binding of adenosine and neural receptors makes you sleepy and unfocused. The compound in coffee called caffeine binds to the neural receptors instead of adenosine. With caffeine, your nervous system becomes heightened and more focused.

Another study by Welsh and colleagues showed that coffee drinkers with sleep deprivation have a better self-regulatory strength than non-drinkers with sleep deprivation. The measure used in the study is the person’s ability to avoid and resist unethical social influence. Drinking coffee provided a reduction on the harmful effects of sleep deprivation on self-control.

If you have a fight or heated discussion with your partner, drinking coffee can help you have a calm conversation and resolution of the problem because you have a focused mind and an intact self-regulatory strength.


Sexual Satisfaction and Performance


Most romantic relationships have a sexual aspect that promotes intimacy, pleasure, and more significant expression of emotions. Some problems could arise when there are differences on the couples’ views on sex and when there are anatomical problems that prevent intercourse.

  • Effect of coffee on woman’s libido

Studies show that coffee has a positive effect on a woman’s libido or sexual drive. The mechanism of this effect is the augmented blood flow to the genitals. A healthy amount of sexual desire will help the sexual aspect of the relationship progress.

  • Effect of coffee on erectile dysfunction

For men, drinking coffee augments the blood flow to the swimsuit areas, and this increase reduces the risk of men having erectile dysfunction. Also, the antioxidant property of coffee contributes to this particular benefit.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the condition when a man cannot achieve a firm erection. This condition may cause excess stress and relationship hurdles. It is also a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Aside from the two positive effects mentioned regarding a couple’s sexual life, coffee helps in increasing one’s endurance. The basis of this effect is a study on the impact of coffee on an athlete’s endurance before a work-out routine.

  • Lovely Morning Ritual

Drinking coffee can be the thing that will spice up your mornings with your partner. Relationships consist mostly of the small and shared rituals.

A morning spent with your partner while drinking coffee may bring comfort and impart a sense of belonging. Also, this activity is an avenue to talk to each other and continue to discover new things about one another.

Your conversations in the morning will increase your trust and intimacy. The time you spend together reflects the commitment you have in investing in the relationship.


Final Say


Other than the usual and known effects of coffee, it can help improve your relationship with your partner. Coffee helps in replenishing your energy, maintaining your focus and self-control, improving your sexual performance, and providing an avenue for a lovely morning ritual. With the help of coffee, you can have a better and more meaningful relationship.