Leverage Coffee To Make Real Friends

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Leverage Coffee To Make Real Friends


The Benefits of Coffee

I asked the driver to bring me to my favorite coffee shop. Today is such a busy day, cars are lining up on the streets, and I can hear the honking of horns and see people rushing to the pedestrian as they need to cross to the other side of the road. I do not usually go to a coffee shop to work, but today I have to and experience it again.

As I was checking on what is the list of available coffee beverages, I cannot stop myself from gazing around the place. As expected, people in their twenties and early thirties are in the establishment. Some are there enjoying a lunch date with their friends. Some people sit all alone, checking on their laptops and browsing through their smartphones while stirring their cup and taking a small bit on their sandwiches.

It is such a beautiful scene to watch. The aroma, good music, top of the line fixtures and an Instagram-worthy ambiance – this is the perfect place to unwind! However, I was struck by reality, I was not there to relax. I went there to work.

After ordering my favorite Americano, I slowly moved going to an empty table in the corner of the shop. Trying not to bump anyone as I carry my bag and coffee. Finally, I can start drinking while switching on my lappy.

How I wish I can do this every day, but the price of a cup of coffee might leave a big dent in my wallet.

The Social Dynamics of Coffee

My friends and I usually go to a coffee shop to unwind. Get ourselves our favorite coffee drinks, settle down in an area where it is not too crowded and start sharing wonderful stories. This has become our weekly routine.

Drinking coffee has a lot of wonderful benefits. It is a good beverage to keep you awake and keep you active until you complete your task. Black coffee can help reduce certain types of headaches. It is in fact, a good source of antioxidants. I can go on and on, and talk about the amazing benefits of drinking coffee, but would stop here. The purpose of this article is to talk about another key aspect of drinking coffee, a benefit that we usually ignore. The social impact of coffee in our lives.

A few years ago, going to a coffee shop and getting your daily dose of caffeine was not a popular thing to do. People will wonder why there is a need to get a cup of coffee outside the comfort of your homes. Some people would say that it is going to be a waste of money going to a coffee shop.

Coffee Shops

Today, more and more coffee shops provide a cozier atmosphere to attract customers, calling their attention to have their coffee break in that place. Now, the access to WIFI has proven its worth. Coffee enthusiasts are now getting the best of both worlds, coffee, and the internet!

Drinking coffee has changed our social lives. We see students go to a coffee shop and review. Young professionals have also considered having their meetings inside a café, enjoying every sip while maintaining the business mood.

We have different reasons why we get to a coffee shop, but what we want to achieve is to enjoy the company of our friends, talk about any interesting topic while supping our favorite blend.
This goes to show that the coffee industry or should I saw the coffee itself made our social lives more interesting. Even our friends who are not coffee drinkers are starting to get the hang of a regular caffeine dose.

The History of Socializing with Coffee

The history of coffee and our social life dates back in the 15th century. Coffee was first introduced, sold and traded in Arabia. It was then introduced to other neighboring countries during the 16th century.

During this period, community coffee houses as it was famously called back then, became particularly widespread in the Middle East. It was where people could listen to music, watch some performers do their acrobatic, artistic and funny antics. This was also a place where older folks spend their time playing chess or cards. Some other people would stay in coffee houses to talk about current news or just simply spend their day over a cup of coffee.

The coffee houses during that time was a place not just for coffee, but a venue for the exchange of information and the place of wisdom, that is why they also referred it as the “Schools of the Wise.”

Back then

Let us move to the 17th century. This was the period where coffee was introduced to Europe. Did you know that the first European coffee was sold as medicines or at least a product that has medicinal properties?

However, coffee houses or shops were shortly introduced and quickly established. The first European coffee house was opened in Venice in 1683.

This piece of history on coffee houses and coffee shops have been an important part of social gatherings in the world. This was a place that opened doors for the exchanges of ideas and opinions. It also nurtured the open discussion and opinion of different people from different walks of life.

Coffee Now and the Future

At present, the social aspect of drinking coffee has greatly evolved. Now, we include our homes as an avenue to have a quick pow-wow with our friends and family. Some people host coffee mornings or weekend coffee breaks to nurture further and build relationships.

Drinking coffee is not just to kick off our day, to get that caffeine dose, but it became a social activity. We have created new and strong relationships because of our love for this beverage. It opened the doors for more fruitful exchanges of ideas and opinions. It fostered and strengthened relationships, from coffee buddies to coffee couples

It also helped people build generations of relationships. From our friends to our families, to our children.

It goes to show that a simple bean and transformed to a delicious drink, have created generations of relationships.

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