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Moka Pot Round Up

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Moka Pot Round Up


Moka Pot – The Coffee Icon

Your alarm sets off. You stretch your body, make up your bed and grab your phone to check on important messages. As you head towards your kitchen, you either switch on the television or turn on the radio. Good music and a sunny or cloudy weather greet your day. Whatever weather it is, you are all smiles that you have another day.

As you set in, in your breakfast nook and prepare your food, you find something is missing. Ah! Your daily dose of caffeine. How can you forget that! Nothing beats a good cup of hot coffee in the morning.

Yes, that is true for most coffee lovers. A good cup of coffee usually sets your mood for the whole day ahead. We make our coffee distinctively. Some people put sugar, and some do not. Others put cream and others put warm milk. There are some who add cinnamon to make the aroma more inviting. For me, I like it bold and strong. Strong enough to kick my sleepy head.

We also prepare our coffee uniquely and differently. The easiest way to go is to use the ever reliable coffee maker. Line up the filter, place the freshly ground coffee beans, pour in the water, switch the coffee maker on and just wait, and smell that wonderful aroma.

If you want to have a bolder taste or do not want to over brew, you can purchase a coffee press and just press your way to a great cup.

For some coffee enthusiasts or if you have spent your time learning the ins and outs of getting that best cup of coffee, you would be using traditional coffee makers. One that stands out until this time is the Moka Pot.

An Amazing Cup With The Moka Pot

What is a Moka Pot? Does it make a “Mochaccino or Caffè Mocha?” No, it does not make Mochaccino, but you can mix or prepare Mochaccino out of the coffee brew you create using the Moka Pot. It is a small coffee maker that has been used more than 70 years ago.

Even before the invention of our coffee makers or coffee presses, coffee sommeliers use this traditional pot to make a flavorful and bold-tasting cup of coffee. The Moka pot, or macchinetta del caffè as it is famously called in Italy, is a small coffee machine.

The brewing concept behind this small stove top machine is that it produces coffee by passing the boiling water forced by steam that goes through the ground coffee.

This eighty-year-old coffee pot has been used mainly in Europe, but is most famous and used in the countries of Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

The invertor of Moka Express Pot was Luigi De Ponti and was acquired and patented by Alfonso Bialetti. It was first introduced in 1933 and become an iconic tool until the 1950’s. This pot became a source of pride of most Italians. You will not see a household in Italy without this fantastic invention.

The Moka Express

The Moka Pot did not diminish its popularity until this time. Innovations and design updates paved the way for it to be used more conveniently. To enjoy a cup of coffee using the Moka Pot, you need to place it on top of a stove and let its steam magic do the work. Now we see other designs that made it more convenient for everyday use.

We currently have an electric version of it. Does the electric Moka Pot produce the same flavorful coffee? According to coffee enthusiasts who have used both traditional and the electric Moka Pot, there is no distinct difference in the coffee taste. This is indeed good news!

The Iconic Design

The mechanism or intelligent design behind the Moka pot is simple; it uses pressure to push hot water through the ground coffee. The iconic design and shape lets the thick liquid bubble up and moves up into a top chamber or tube, and then it comes out through a funnel, or they call it the chimney.

The Moka Pot comes with three main parts:

The bottom piece is where the water is placed until it reaches its boiling point. The top or uppermost part will then receive the coffee. Where do you put the ground coffee? Good question!

The third and most important part is what they call a metal funnel through a sieve-like plate. This is the part where you put the coffee grounds. Once you have placed the coffee ground in the metal funnel, you then place it into the opening of the water boiler. The thin end of the pipe is submerged, and it is where the hot water passes through.

Does that sound complicated? Trust me it is not. You just need to add a little more patience in the preparation stage. As the saying goes, patience is a virtue; and if you want to have a great cup of coffee you need to have that virtue!

Ultimate Coffee Flavor

What makes a full blend coffee? A lot of people say that a good tasting coffee depends on the coffee beans you use. This is true. There are different types of coffee beans that coffee shops use to get that ultimate and distinct coffee blend.

The use of Moka Pot does not create an espresso-like tasting coffee. It is not like how the commercial espresso machines produce. The Moka Pot delivers an intense and bitter brew, which is likened to that of an espresso.

Moka Nostalgia

What sets this apart from other coffee makers is the nostalgic feel that it provides. It brings you back to the era where life was relaxed and laid back. As experts say it, the brewing process is the same – water, steam and coffee ground are the essential parts to stir up a good cup of coffee.

Most of the time, our busy schedule prevents us from going through the coffee preparation process. We wake up and want our coffee to be prepared instantly.
Moka Pot Express creates not just a robust coffee blend, but a rich coffee culture.

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