Top Ten Most Expensive Coffees in the World

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Most Expensive Coffees in the World

Exploring coffee in different places is like tasting the diversity of culture around the globe. Just like wine, coffee can also be found in different flavors. The taste and aroma differ depending on the processing. Nowadays, coffee beans are sold at a higher price since the cost of production is also increasing.

The most expensive coffees are classified based on its distinct taste dynamic flavor profile. Although they cost higher than the ordinary coffee beans in town, these coffees can provide a memorable beverage experience to coffee drinkers.

Check out these expensive coffee beans in the world and add them to your list of must-taste coffee on your next travel.

What Makes Coffee Expensive?

There are many coffee varieties that you can choose from. One factor why coffee beans are getting pricey is that most coffee beans don’t produce large yields. It takes money to convince farmers to continue producing coffee crops instead of other easy-to-produce crops. Some of the crops are even rare and exquisite, requiring farmers to exert extra effort in producing it.

Coffee in International Scale

Producing coffee equates to millions of people depending on it for livelihood. This industry employs millions of people around the globe, especially the small-holder farmers who work tirelessly to produce coffee for the worldwide market. It has helped the farmer’s family to sustain their livelihood.

Top 10 Expensive Coffee

Make sure to try these exotic coffee experience as you add them to your bucket list.

  1. Kopi Luwak (160 -660 US Dollar / Pound)

Known as the “Toddy Cat poop Coffee,” Kopi Luwak originates in Indonesia. It is famous around the globe because of its distinct taste caused by the natural process of making it. The toddy cat feeds on the sweetest coffee cherries.

The process includes the fermentation of the coffee beans during the digestion process of the feline. It can be generated in the feces. It is roasted to make it taste sweet. The taste garners a mixed flavor of tea, plum, and rose.

The good news is that Kopi Luwak can now be availed in a lower price in The reason for the sudden price drop might be the lowered of production and high sales rate of this coffee bean.

  1. Ospina (120 US Dollars / Pound)

As one of the oldest plantations in Columbia, The Ospina families are known to develop high-quality coffee crop. It takes 3 to 5 years to produce coffee cherries so it will take a while to know if the variety of coffee cherries will taste good or not. These beans are grown in volcanic ash that’s why it has a unique nutty caramel flavor.

  1. Esmeralda Gesha (50-150 US Dollars / Pound)

The Esmeralda is an extraordinary variety of coffee found in Boquete, Panama. It is produced by growing it above 1500 meters sea level for distinct flavor that gives a noted of juniper, rose, and lavender.

If you are looking for an easy to get expensive coffee, then Esmeralda might be the one you are looking for. Coffee roasters carry this coffee in the months from July to September.

The floral fragrance and citrus flavor of the Geisha make it one of the most famous and expensive coffee in the world.

  1. Faenza Santa Ines (50 US Dollars / Pound)

This coffee is the most sought and enjoyed coffee on the market. The growing process includes natural mineral water from the mountains that help in cultivating a clean and fresh flavor profile. Its smooth caramel flavors give the best coffee experience for coffee drinkers.

Are you fond of lemon and clove? If so, then you’ll love the lovely Fazenda Santa Ines. It boasts its natural fruit penetration that is considered to be the best in Brazil. The citrus flavor is strong but gives a delicate texture when sipped. The aroma is also hypnotic due to the chocolaty body that offers a creamy mouthfeel.

  1. El Injerto Peaberry (60 US Dollars / Pound)

Grown in Guatemala, The El Injerto Peaberry Coffee is made by separation of the small beans peaberry to get it ready for roasting. The beans of this coffee give off a tremendous amount of floral and fruity flavors making it one of the most sought-after coffees in the world.

  1. Hawaiian Kona Coffee ( 33-55 US Dollars / Pound)

As one the most expensive coffee in the world, Hawaiian Kona coffee is made from pure Kona. The high price of Kona is due to the complex regulations of trade in Hawaii. Although it sells at an inflated price, you can’t resist the unique flavor of this coffee bean. It’s worth the try even for once.

  1. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (49 US Dollars/pound)

Cultivation is mostly in Japan. The Blue Mountain coffee is a high-end coffee. A mild flavor that people of all ages will love. Japanese are enjoying Blue Mountain Coffee as their daily coffee drink.

  1. Los planes (40 US Dollars / Pound)

Originated from El Salvador, Los Planes has garnered an almost perfect coffee rating. In addition, with it’s Cup of Excellence ratings since 2006. Upon drinking, notes of fruits can be tasted. Including a blend of blackberry and raspberry. It’s coffee beans are larger than ordinary coffee beans.

  1. Carmen Patino (26 US Dollars /Pound)

The Carmen Patino is the best coffee in the world since 2014. The combination of ultimately sweet and delicious flavors that gets even more good while on the process of drinking. The caramel notes are noticeable while the coffee cools down.

  1. Biftu Gudina (26 US Dollars/ pound)

Most noteworthy, a new coffee cooperative in Ethiopia developed the Biftu Gudina coffee. Coffee enthusiasts love the spectacular flavor profile of this coffee. Upon drinking, tangerine, jasmines, and citrus notes are prevalent that give a wine-like taste.

High-End Coffees – Must Try!

Also, high-quality coffee comes from different sources around the globe. The most expensive coffee is classified through the overall feature and characteristics, including its sellability in the market.

Furthermore, if you want to have the best coffee experience, try exploring great quality coffees without breaking the bank. The question is, are you willing to spend lots of money on a cup of coffee?

Finally, Check out Sisistano’s full range of high-quality coffee with reasonable price. A sip of Sistano’s coffee will give you a beverage experience you won’t forget.


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