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How to Properly Store Your Coffee Bean for Premium Taste

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How to Properly Store Your Coffee Bean

Most of us drink coffee in the morning. It is a way for us to kickstart the day to help us to be more alert and drive the doze away. Coffee has always been a good companion in our daily lives for it gives us that needed caffeine to help us fulfill our duties. So, what could be a better way to drink your coffee? It’s to make sure that the freshness is still intact by grinding the coffee yourself! Here are some tips on how to retain the freshness and premium taste of your coffee.

What Beans to Choose?

When buying your coffee beans, you always have an option to choose between pre-ground or whole beans. If you are looking to have a good quality cup of coffee, it will be best to stick to buying whole beans coffee. The reason behind this is because the beans are the best vessel for protecting the quality of the coffee.

Once you’ve broken the beans with the grinder, it will oxidize rapidly. It is always best to grind it right before you brew it. Freshly ground coffee has its natural aromatics preserved, which will give you a sweeter and livelier cup.

One more tip, you will be able to spot a genuinely fresh bean just by looking at its glossy appearance. It is due to the coffee oils still escaping from the beans. If you see any oil residue in your bag or your hands, this is a good thing.

Is Roast Date Important?

Here is one more important detail that you’d need to learn. Roast date is essential for you to determine when to do it. The number of days varies for your coffee when to roast it. Here are some of them:

  • Filter-Brewed Coffee. It is better to roast it the closer it gets to the roast date. Do remember though that you need to let it rest one or two days after it is roasted. There’s still much gas trapped in there so letting it rest for 24-48 hours is necessary
  • Espresso. This one is a different story. For espresso, most cafes, let the beans rest for about five days. It is because it might taste a little bit salty due to the release of carbon dioxide.

The recommendation is that 3 to 10 days from the roast date for filter-brewing and French press and about 5-12 days for brewing espresso.

How Long Will it Last?

They will stay fresher longer depending on how your pack your beans. So, it’s all in the bag.

  • Papercraft bags with thin lining. If you are using this kind of kit, it will not be going to keep for that long. If you keep it for more than a week, it’ll taste stale.
  • Sealed, one-way valve foil bags with pinholes. It is to let the gas out without letting in the air. You can enjoy the beans for 1-2 weeks. More than that, the coffee will lose its vitality and begins to be flavorless.

If your coffee comes in one of those packages, it is better to leave it in there. If it comes in a paper bag, make sure that you transfer it in an airtight, opaque container. Remember that your beans’ greatest enemies are air, moisture, heat, and light. So make sure that that they are locked up in a dark and cool location.

Should You Freeze Your Coffee Bean?

Seriously, do not try to put your coffee in the freezer. Your coffee is like bread; if you put a half-opened bag of beans, when you thaw it out from the fridge, it will not taste the same or as good as when you first bought it. One thing to remember, your coffee is soft and porous and more likely to absorb aromatics. Meaning, your coffee will absorb some of the flavors in your freezer.

Other reasons why you should not put coffee in your fridge are:

  • It will cause the coffee to condensate and will push the oil to the surface.
  • It will make the coffee to age faster

If you decided to keep your coffee in the freezer, you need to make sure that the bag is sealed and unopened, granted that you will finish one of those bags in a week or two. Also, thaw it at room temperature, before you drink it. It may be a bit bothersome for you instead of enjoying the drink that’s supposed to be comfortable and convenient to make.

Do Not Throw Your Stale Bags

In a perfect world, experts recommended that you buy your freshly-roast coffee in small enough amounts, so that you’d finish the bag before it begins to lose its flavor. However, that is not always the case, and we always end up with stale beans.

So, you need to make sure that you only buy small amounts of fresh-roasted coffee in airtight containers, then store them at room temperature. By the way, coffee waits for no one, so drink as much as you can and finish it quickly as well.

Have a Coffee-rrific Day!

Coffee has always been our best companion. We enjoy the drink with pastries or donuts. Not only does it taste good it also has this soothing aroma that will keep you awake and relaxed. You may say that it has something to do with caffeine, but in reality, coffee is more of like aromatherapy that not only relieves you from stress but also helps you to start the day right.



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