TCJ02 Brazilian Coffee Culture And Tradition Overview

Reading Time: 3 minutes

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Brazil has such a huge coffee culture, where did it come from? When did it start? When did coffee first make it to Brazil?

About Bya
Please introduce yourself (who you are, where are you from, your background, your business in a nutshell and where you are based at now).

4. A few days ago, you showed me how to make the typical Brazilian coffee, called Cafe Coado. Can you tell us more about the Cafe Coado, how it is made and why it’s made that way?

5. Differences between cafe coado and cafe pingado?

6. Americans in general prefer to drink a lighter or weaker coffee with milk and sugar. Brazilians on the other hand, like to drink their coffee dark and very strong. Why is that that Brazilians prefer to drink very strong coffee while Americans, prefer it lighter and weaker?

7. In Brazil, who drinks coffee? Is coffee more an old guy thing? For office workers? Blue collar workers?

8. Should children drink coffee? Do kids drink coffee in Brazil?

9. When do Brazilians drink coffee during the day? How many times a day do they usually drink coffee?

10. Where in Brazil is the best Brazilian coffee produced?

11. What makes Brazilian coffee special?

12. What is the difference between the Brazilian espresso and the Italian espresso?

13. Tell us about your very first espresso? Do you remember the moment, the atmosphere, the location, the people who were there with you, the time of the day, the weather, your mood prior to, during and after drinking your espresso. 🙂

14. My good Italian friend from Toronto, Antonio, who was on the first podcast, told us that in Italy, having an espresso is an intimate moment as you’re sharing a special moment with a friend, family or relative. Is it the same in Brazil?

15. Can you share with us any interesting, funny or special espresso moment or story that you experienced while enjoying an espresso?

16. As a Brazilian, coffee lover and expert, do you have any tips for all the espresso lovers out there on how to best enjoy their espresso?
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