Tips and Tricks That You Need to Keep Your Coffee Hot

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It’s no contest that the perfect way to start a day is with a cup of coffee. That nice invigorating aroma and the perfect hot temperature hit the spot every time. And what a disappointment it would turn out to be when it has gone cold immediately. It happens almost instantly. One you just put it down, then when you returned to take a sip, you’d be shocked at how cold it is. But there are ways coffee enthusiasts out there can help keep their coffee stay warm longer. People like carrying their coffee everywhere they go but never considering the container they are using. They forget that it is the container itself that keeps their beverage from losing its heat, fast. So, the question then is which container you should use?

Which Container to Use for Your Hot Beverage

There is a debate on whether a Styrofoam cup does a better job in keeping your drinks warm than a thermos does. The only way to know the answer to that is by comparing and understanding how each of them works.  


  • Styrofoam

The Styrofoam in its simplistic form does make a good job of keeping coffee hot. And, this is because they are made up of 95% air, which is good insulation. Also, it is cheaper. Styrofoam creates the insulating effect with the use of small air pockets that are formed in the material. These air pockets help keep the heat inside the cup.


  • Thermos

Thermos, on the other hand, uses the same technique but does it better by adding another wall. Its structure and materials are designed to keep the heat inside the container. The two walls of the thermos container reflect the heat of the liquids inside, keeping it hot for longer periods. The partial vacuum between these two walls prevents the heat from escaping. Materials That Provide Good Insulation When choosing a container for your beverage, you should check out the materials in which they are made. It will help you judge which container can properly hold the heat. Materials that have good insulators are:  


  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass is strands of glass that are woven together to form fabric-like material. It is a commonly used insulator for attics, pipes, and boilers. They are effective in keeping heat from getting out.


  • Foam Insulation

It is a polymer plastic that is commonly used on pipes. Like styrofoam, it uses tiny air pockets to hold the hot air inside.


  • Other Materials

Other materials make good insulators too, in the right conditions, are ceramics, corrugated cardboard,  and glass. And it is why most containers you’d find in coffee shops are made out with this materials. How to Keep Your Coffee Hot What do you do if you don’t have your thermos with you? Fortunately, there are more than one ways you can keep your coffee hot. Sometimes all you need is a little inventiveness and imagination. Here are easy and unconventional ways you can do to keep your coffee hot.  


  • Preheat Your Mug

You might not know this, but your hot coffee might already have lost its heat right at the moment it touches your cold mug. So, to stop this from happening, you can put your mug in the microwave oven and preheat it for up to a minute.


  • Use a Heating Pad

You might have a heating pad lying around in your office. What you need to do is to set your cup or mug on it and wrap the rest of it on the sides of the container. It’s an easy and very convenient technique.


  • Use a Candle Warmer

Candle warmers work almost similar to a hot plate. You can use this device to warm up your drinks if you have one on hand. Just plug it in and set your mug on it. Just be careful and check if your mug might be a bit too hot to touch. Keep It Hot Longer Using These Gadgets Coffee enthusiasts would love to hear about this. There are tons of gadgets you can buy on the market that can effectively keep your coffee hot for as long as you want. That is if you are willing to spend a bit much for what you love. And it is very useful, especially during cold weathers.


  • Mug Cozies

They are not just silly mug accessories. Mug cozies provide additional insulation to your mug. It can keep your coffee warm a bit longer for you. Also, they are stylish, with lots of designs and colors to choose.


  • Electric Immersion Heaters

An immersion heater is a tool that you place inside your mug or cup of coffee. It’s easy to use and can reheat your beverage faster than a hot plate could.


  • Desktop Mug Warmers

Mug warmer is a great addition to your office table. It is a small portable hot plate that you can use almost anywhere. You can find with a series of plugs that allows you to plug it in your car, your computer or an outlet. It is convenient and easy to use.


  • Auto Cup Warmer

If you want a way to keep your takeout coffee hot on your way to the office, you can use a cup warmer. It looks like a cup holder which you can strap in your car, plug it in, and place your hot beverage inside.  


  • Plug-In Travel Mug

For a clutter-free option, you should try the plug-in travel mug. There is no need for hot plates and other heaters. This mug can be plugged-in anywhere to heat your coffee. Its sleek design makes it look like a regular mug. It has a built-in heater that you can use in your car or at the office. Conclusion Keeping your hot coffee longer even for hours on end is now easy using these tools. Find something that fits your lifestyle and purpose. You can now enjoy your hot coffee even when its cold out, anytime and anywhere.






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