Top Coffee Shops Around the World for Your Next Trip

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Top Coffee Shops Around the World

Enjoying coffee is not just about drinking the brew. It is the feeling you experience while drinking the beverage. Drinking coffee has become a social thing, making coffee shops show up like mushrooms. But, what makes certain coffee shops stand out from the rest? Is it the interior, the atmosphere, the crowd, or the high-quality beans?

Here are some top coffee shops around the world that you should visit on your next trip:


Caffe Florian, Venice


Caffe Florian is the oldest cafe in Europe. This cafe is rich in history, which is not a question as it started its operation in 1720. It does not follow the hipster trend of many cafes in the world. Caffe Florian oozes timeless style and opulence. It has Hall of Seasons, Oriental Room, and an outdoor terrace on the Piazza San Marco.


Feel Good Coffee, Phnom Penh


The Cambodian capital seems to have a lot of coffee shops in its every corner. The competition of coffee shops in this country is stiff, but one that stands out is Feel Good Coffee. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind brews, eco-ethos, and quality beans. Feel Good cafe features an outdoor terrace in its second outing located in Tonle Bassac. The staff makes the experience even more pleasant with their ready smiles and service.


Sant’Eustachio Il Caffe, Rome


How the staff of Sant’Eustachio pours their espresso is a mystery. The magic happens at this small cafe in Parthenon. Their espresso or cappuccino is available from either a table or counter. While you can purchase their roasted beans, you may have trouble duplicating the experience in the Sant’Eustachio cafe.


The Coffee Academics, Hong Kong


When in The Coffee Academics, make sure to try their destination-inspired beverages. For example, an espresso that has brown sugar is called an Okinawa Islands import. The space of this cafe is inviting with its marble communal table, glittering chandelier, and exposed brick walls. The Coffee Academics is definitely not your average coffee shop. The cafe also has a street-side patio, wherein you can enjoy your drink and watch people at the same time.


Cafe Ekberg, Finland


Drinking coffee is part of the life of people in Finland. The Finns can drink up to 10 cups of coffee a day without a problem. No doubt Finns are are coffee aficionados. This is why a lot of trendy coffee shops opened in the country, and Cafe Ekberg is one the oldest mainstays. Since 1852, the Ekberg family is the proud owner of this cafe. When in Helsinki Finland, try their combination of sponge cake in cork-shaped and black coffee.


The Grounds Cafe, Australia


The Grounds in Sydney has a lot to offer, and one of them is The Cafe. Baristas press, filter, and serve coffee from their quality beans. Their Affogato is something decadent and a must-try. It is an in-house espresso with milk chocolate, popping candy, and tiramisu ice cream.


Gerbeaud, Hungary


Gerbeaud is a luxurious cafe with extravagant chandeliers and beautiful wood fixtures. Let us not forget what this cafe is well-known for since mid-1800s, and that is their coffee and chocolate cake. While you are in Budapest, do not pass up the opportunity to their cognac cherry bonbon as well as their cappuccino.


Coffee By Design, Maine


When in Portland Maine, you will see that the place is full of coffee shops. Coffee By Design is one of the popular cafes that you should visit. They have a micro-roasting coffee production that you can visit and see. In this industrial neighborhood at Diamond Street, you can learn the production and history of coffee. You can have as much fun as you want when trying their coffee tastings. Their cold brews on tap is a must-try.


The Majestic, Portugal


The Majestic cafe with its marble facade is the place to be since in the 1920s. Back in time, the socialites were be seen in the gilded mirrors. As the name suggests, this cafe has a majestic aura with its Art Nouveau design room and lively atmosphere. If you want to rest, enjoy the scenery, and have some coffee while in Porto Portugal, the Majestic is certainly the perfect place. Do not forget to try they egg custard tart and espresso.


Just Us Coffee Roasters, Nova Scotia


Just Us Coffee Roasters represents roastery and sustainability. The milk they use is from a local farm. They have handmade in-house seasonal flavored syrups made from organic ingredients. You will learn fair trade practices and farming through their coffee mini-museum. Their pumpkin spice latte is one of their must-tries.


Cutting Edge Third Wave coffee, Melbourne


Australians know how to make a  great cup of coffee. The cutting-edge coffee scene is the master of perfection that is Seven Seeds. While visiting Melbourne go to the Cutting Edge Third Wave coffee. You can choose to visit Traveller Coffee or Brother Baba Budan, which is in smaller city operations. But, you can also go directly to their main branch in Melbourne.


Holybelly, France


Paris France has charming cafes all over the city. But, you cannot miss Holybelly and try their coffee and fine food. The cafe is also the perfect place to experience a French and Australian combination breakfast. Find your way to Holybelly at the Canal Saint-Martin. Their classic café au lait must be your bucket list.


Traviesa Café, Ecuador


You may think it is easy to find good coffee shops in South America, as the place is known to produce some of the biggest amounts of coffee in the world. But that is not always the case as great coffee is sent off to other faraway places. Fortunately, Traviesa has high-quality coffee beans and serve high-end coffee in their shop. Visit them in Quito, which is a quiet neighborhood. Traviesa Café serves coffee, which is a specialty from Ecuador.




Depending on what part of the world you are right now, your coffee drinks may come in a variety of forms. If you happen to visit some of the places above, make sure to visit the top coffee shops mentioned above and enjoy their coffee, which is the elixir of life.


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