5 Unique Sources of Coffee Beans

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Sources of Coffee

Do you know where coffee beans come from? It can come from different parts of the world from different sources. You cannot deny that many people are uncomfortable with drinking or trying out coffee, which does not come from the traditional harvesting method. However, some of the best-tasting coffee comes from some of the unique sources

Weasel Puke Coffee

When you think of a nice warm cup of coffee, weasel puke is nowhere close to what you are thinking. Associating coffee with animal barf is just odd, but apparently, it makes a good combination. Weasel puke coffee exists, and it originates from Vietnam. It has a delicious, distinct and unique coffee flavor, which every coffee lover should try.

The coffee beans undergo a unique and interesting process, which gives it its distinct flavor. The process begins with a Vietnamese weasel, eating a certain kind of coffee bean. After the weasel has significantly digested several layers of the bean, it barfs out the remaining bean. The barfed out beans is then used to make that delicious and perfect cup of coffee.

It does not sound appetizing, and it may be hard for you to associate puke with yummy. We cannot blame you for that, because the process is indeed unique. However, you should try it if you want to taste a different and new kind of coffee.

Vanilla Flavored Monkey Spit Coffee

From barfing weasels, we move on to puking monkeys. It still does not sound appetizing, but again, it is still definitely worth a try for any coffee lover. This unique coffee originated from Taiwan, and it is making its way around the world.  The process to make this coffee is very simple and straightforward. Monkeys suck on the beans, and later on, they spit it out.

The process gives the coffee bean a unique vanilla flavor, and you should try it out. The beans are still quite hard to gather, which still makes it a rare find. If you happen to find yourself in Taiwan, you might want to go on a treasure hunt for this type of coffee. You do not want to pass on an opportunity to try this coffee out.

Jacu Bird Coffee

The circle is starting to be complete. From barfing weasels to puking monkeys, it is not the time for pooping birds. Jacu is a type of bird, which only feasts on some of the tastiest coffee beans it can find. After digesting all those coffee beans, it then poops out the delicious and tasty coffee beans. The Jacu’s poop makes a beautiful and delicious cup of roasted coffee. Now that is a bird with great taste.

The coffee is so unique to many consumers that even farmers are having a hard time collecting them. It is so rare for anyone to make this type of coffee, and to find the beans to make it. In fact, the total production of this type of coffee is only up to 300 kilos for this kind of coffee are produced in a year. That is one expensive and delicious cup of coffee.

Toddy Cat Poop Coffee

Finally, to complete the circle, Toddy Cat Poop which makes a good cup of coffee. Unlike the other unique source of coffee listed above, you might have heard of this already. While the coffee beans are still unique and rare, it is among the most popular unique coffee sources. Toddy Cats come from Indonesia, and their basic diet includes only the sweetest and freshest coffee cherries.

Similar to the Jacu Bird, the Toddy Cat digests, and poops out the coffee beans. The digestion process allows the beans to undergo a fermentation procedure, and then it poops it out eventually. Voila! The pooped out beans of the Toddy Cat makes a great sweet and complex cup of coffee. Some say that has the flavor of plum, tea, and rose.

Death Wish Coffee

The final unique coffee source is not an animal this time. Some love their coffee milky and not that strong, while some love theirs to be black and strong. Whatever your preference is, there will always be one for you. But for someone who loves extra strong coffee, it becomes hard to find the right kind of beans to give you the strong punch. Thankfully, a coffee called Death Wish Coffee exists.

The name of the coffee should already serve as a warning to you that it is strong. Be warned, the death wish coffee is very strong, and it claims to be the world’s strongest coffee. You can expect that this coffee is twice as strong as your average coffee, thanks to its unique roasting process and various kinds of beans. You have been warned; drink this coffee at your own risk. Make sure you drink just enough, or you might end up palpitating the entire day.

Disclaimer about Unique Coffee Sources

There may be several issues when you talk about the unique source of coffee beans, especially if it comes from animals. Many people may associate it with animal cruelty because let us face it; capitalism has led to the abuse of many animals. However, the animals producing the unique sources of coffee are in no way subjected to animal cruelty.  The coffee beans are rare to find, and it is only by chance of the farmers that they can collect the beans.

Why You Should Try Out Unique Coffee

Coffee is so common these days, and sometimes it is easier to find than water. Coffee can come in different form and sizes, and from different sources. But, how many can say that they have tried out one of the world’s unique coffee flavors and experience? If you are an avid coffee lover, you definitely would not want to pass on a unique coffee experience.

The likelihood of anyone being able to try to experience different kinds of unique coffee beans is so slim and expensive. So the next time someone offers you a puked or pooped up coffee bean of an animal, do not think twice about getting that drink. How many people can say “Hey, I’ve tried pooped coffee beans?” Transform you’re yucky to yummy!

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