10 Ways to Make Coffee More Useful Around Your Home

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Ways to Make Coffee More Useful
Coffee is heaven sent, and it has left the nation addicted to it. Not only is coffee a natural brain and body stimulant, but you can also make coffee more useful around your home! This is definitely a game changer, which you can adapt to your lifestyle. Here are some useful tips for you to leave coffee around your home.

Simple Gardening Solutions

If you love gardening and you are always on the lookout for easy and simple gardening tips, look no further because this one is just for you.  Natural DeterrentIf you love gardening, but you simply cannot get rid of those snails and slugs feasting on your plants, you might want to try using your leftover coffee or coffee grinds. Coffee has such a strong scent that wakes everyone up, and it has the similar effect to most pests. Snails and slugs avoid soils that have a coffee scent because it allegedly has some negative side effects on them.

Coffee is not just a deterrent against snails and slugs, but it can also work against some cats and rodent. The strong coffee smell overloads the sense of smell of these creatures. Are you tired of your neighbor’s cat digging around your lawn or eating your plants, or perhaps of those rodents you cannot seem to get away? Again, add some coffee or coffee grinds to your garden patch to anywhere you do not want them.

Good Compost Ingredient – Composting is one of the most underrated and simple recycling method. If you have not started composting yet, then perhaps this may be your first day. However, did you know that by adding your coffee grounds to your compost, it increases its chance to be a great fertilizer? They can help in the germination process of the seed and promote a healthier growth of the plant.

DIY Projects

DIY’s are all about the rage today, and what better way to repurpose your coffee grounds to something useful like candles and air freshener.

What is more wonderful than smelling a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? Smelling them the entire day. If you are into arts and crafts and you have a love for scents and candles, you can try out this coffee candle DIY to get the scent of coffee around your home. Melt some tea light candles on a jar – The jar depends on your desired candle size. Add some coffee grounds as you add the melted tea light on the jar. The more coffee grounds you add, the stronger coffee scent you will get. Dim your lights, light a candle, and bask in the luscious smell of coffee.

If you are not a fan of candles or if you are concerned with some fire hazards, it may bring, you can still make a good air freshener out of your left over coffee grounds. The steps are easy because all you need are your coffee grounds or whole beans, and you are all set. This natural coffee air freshener does not give off a strong coffee smell unlike the candle version. Therefore, if you are after the strong smell, then you might want to add more beans and grounds to your air freshener.

Coffee and How to Use It for Your Body

Unknown to many, coffee is not just a drink but a good an natural exfoliator. You can use coffee on your body in different ways!

Coffee is not just a good food rub, but it is also a popular body scrub. Several spas and massage parlors use body scrubs in most of their services because it is a good means to scrub and detoxify your body. Before you throw away those coffee grounds, you might want to reconsider using them for another purpose.

Unbelievably, you can use coffee as a natural hair dye. If you want to darken the color of your hair, you can brew a pot of coffee. Let your brew cool down, add the mixture to your hair, and leave it for about 60 minutes in the shower. This will surely give you a beautiful dark, shiny, and healthy hair.  You can also use coffee to stimulate your hair to grow again. Soak some coffee grounds in hot water, and use the grounds on your scalp. Simply massage it on your head and it will exfoliate and help your hair to grow back again. Say hello to your new and beautiful luscious hair.

Another DIY project you can endeavor, hand soaps! Coffee is perfect for removing those strong odors from your hand such as garlic and onions. You can both use just the grounds itself and scrub it on your hand, or you can make your own coffee soap. To make your own coffee soap, all you need is to melt a soap base of your choice and add some coffee or coffee grounds.

Refrigerator Deodorant

Similar to the idea behind coffee soaps, coffee refrigerator deodorant is also helpful in removing pungent odors from your fridge. The procedure is so simple because all you need to do is really put a cup of ground coffee on your fridge, and leave it in there until you desire. The result? You will have an odor free fridge.

Hide Furniture Scratches

What could be more annoying than seeing a scratch on your most beloved furniture? Not being able to get rid of hit or hide it. Luckily, ground coffee works just as well hiding those scratches. Here are some tips that you can use to cover those scratches:

  • Use a tablespoon of ground coffee and add it to a small amount of hot water;
  • Using a cotton swab or paintbrush, rub the coffee solution to the scratch.

Viola! The scratch looks as if it was there in the first place.

Wood Stain

If you have wooden furniture’s which you want to look brand new again, coffee is a good tool. You can brew a cup of coffee for yourself and save some of it aside. You can use what you save to wipe your wooden furniture’s, to give it a nice wooden color.

Who knew that you could use coffee around your home? There are more ways to use coffee around the house. So if you have left over coffee or coffee grinds, before you throw it, ask yourself, “How can I make this coffee more useful?” Who knows, you might just discover a new way to use it.


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